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Job Title:                    Piping Plover Monitor(s)



Hourly Rate:




Limited Term – 32-40 Hrs/wk








Wildlife       Specialist


Department:              Natural ResourceDepartment

Summary:PipingPlover Monitors willwork for the Bad River Band; however, since they will be working within Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, they will work very closely with NPS staff. Other partners include the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wisconsin DNR, and The Nature Conservancy.

EssentialDuties andResponsibilities: includingthe following.Other duties maybe assigned.

  • Infrming andeducatingPark visitrs abtPipingPlver breeding eclyandensuringthatdisturbance fPipingPlver nest sites does ntccur.
  • Monitrs willkeepdetailedrecrds fPipingPlver behavir,status fnest,andadditialsightings while nLgIslan
  • Monitrs willassistinthe findingfplver nests andthebuilding andmaintainingfpredatrexclsures arndthe nests.
  • Monitrs must be abletokeepdetailedntes andsubmita writtensummary atthe endfthe seasn.
  • Must be able to work with limited supervision;
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the direct supervisor and/or Natural Resources Director.

QualificationRequirements:Toperformthis jobsuccessfully,anindividualmust be able toperformeachessential duty satisfactory.The requirements listedbeloware representative totheknowledge,skills,and/orabilityrequired.Reasonable accommodations maybemade toenable individuals withdisabilities toperformthe essentialfunctions.

Educationand/or Experience:Preferred:

Birding experience preferred,whichincludes suchskills as birdbehavior observation,species identification,nestlocation,and

use ofbinoculars andspottingscopes forlengthyperiods oftime.

Other Skills andAbilities: Required:

Provenabilitytorecordandmaintaincareful,concise,and accurate fieldnotes,especiallywithregardto exhibitedbirdbehavior.

Ability to camp in a remote island location independently. Monitor will frequently be alone.

Provenabilitytoworkwithminimumsupervisionandguidance. Must be able to use a GPS unit.


This positionis contingenton abilitytopass a backgroundcheckrequired.This positionrequires a regular backgroundcheckto be run.

Language Skills:

Provenabilitytocommunicatewellthroughoral presentations andindailyinteractionswitha diverse public.


Problemsolving attimes,andremainflexible andopenminded.

PhysicalDemands:The physicaldemands describedhere are representative ofthose thatmust be met byan employee to successfullyperformthe essentialfunctionsofthis job.Reasonableaccommodations maybemade toenable individuals with disabilities toperformthe essentialfunctions.

Mustbe physicallyable toperformalljobduties.Walking,standing, bending,stooping andoccasionalliftingupto25lbs and/or carryingforshortdistances required. Subjecttoinside andoutside environmentalconditions. Field work includes walking a few miles along the beach (sand) every day and exposure to extreme weather conditions, biting insects, and wildlife.

WorkEnvironment:Theworkenvironmentcharacteristics describedhere are representative ofthose encounters while performingthe essentialfunctionsofthis job.Reasonable accommodations maybe enable individuals withdisabilities toperform the essentialfunctions.

This positionwillrequire inside andoutside work. Monitorwill be campingina tent(alone attimes) onLongIslandwhenworking.

Drug-FreeWorkplace in accordancewiththe DrugFree Workplace Actof 1988,P.L. 100-690 andthe BadRiver Tribes Employee Policy&Procedures Handbook.IndianPreference willbe giveninaccordance withP.L.93-638andthe Tribe’s Preference Policy.


Open: April 5th, 2017

Closes: April 19th, 2017 at 4:30pm.

SendApplicationandResume to: BadRiver Tribe



Odanah,WI 54861