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2017 Marked the 20th Year of Ma'iingan Research
on the Bad River Reservation!


The Bad River Natural Resources Department began monitoring wolves with radio telemetry back in 1997—three wolf packs were documented that year. Then, in 2011, a fourth pack, called the Potato River Pack, was also documented regularly using parts of the Bad River Reservation. In 2013, the Tribe formally adopted its first version of the Ma'iingan Management Plan.


The Ma'iingan Management Plan is up for its five-year (2018) revisions, and the Wildlife Program is looking for feedback from the community (Ma'iingan Dodem in particular) for these revisions. Please consider signing up for this event and sharing your input!


If you have something to say, 
please e-mail it to Lacey Hill Kastern @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Miigwetch!


Today, the BRNRD continues to monitor wolf packs through their tracks and scat, radio collars, trail cameras, and nighttime howl surveys. Evidence suggests that 21 to 26 ma'iinganag were regularly using the reservation before a number of ma'iingaans (wolf pups) were born in the spring of 2017. 

There is no wolf harvest permitted on the Bad River Reservation and Ma'iingan is recognized as a tribally protected species.



Ma'iingan caught on trail camera.


















Ma'iingan that has just been radio collared.




















Ma'iingan bimikawaan (track).






































Left: Wildlife Specialist Lacey Hill teaches youth about wolf radio tracking and equipment.

Right: Former BRNRD Wildlife Tech Abi poses next to a patch of wolf urine.