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Tribal Planner

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Prior Year Assessments

Survey Results

Census Data

Bad River Renewable Energy Program - Link to Documents


Bad River Tribal Energy Plan 2012 DRAFT

bad river tribal energy plan 2012 draft pg1


Woody Biomass Study 2012

woody biomass study 2012 pg1

Planning and Development Census Data


1990-2011 Area Demographics

1990 to 2011 census data and projection tables pg1



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Planning and Development Prior Year Assessments

2001 Tribal Needs Assessment Part 1 of 3

2001 tribal needs assessment pg1

2001 Tribal Needs Assessment Part 2 of 3

2001 tribal needs assessment part 2of3 pg1

2001 Tribal Needs Assessment Part 3 of 3

2001 tribal needs assessment part 3of3 pg1

Bad River Headstart Community Assessment 2004-2005

2004-05 headstart community assessment pg1

2000 Economic Development Plan

bad river 2000 economic devlopment plan pg1



Planning and Development Survey Results



2004 Community Comments

2004 community comments pg1


2000 Economic Forum Results Information

2000 economic forum information pg1


2001 Summer Survey Results, Recreation

bad river 2001 summer survey pg1


2004 Community Survey Results

bad river 2004 community survey results pg1